Directory Advertising

The FTD Directory is a database of information for sending florists, helping you select the most qualified filling florist closest to your customer's recipient. Filling florists can maximize the opportunity for orders by having complete and accurate information in the database and leveraging all advertising solutions. Directory advertising appears in FTD Florist Link and the printed FTD Directory, providing you with two marketing channels for the price of one.

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Directory advertising opportunities include:

Facility Listings

Link electronically to specific funeral homes, hospitals and nursing homes within your delivery areas and gain exposure for your business

Special Listing Information

  • Tell sending florists about the special products and services your shop offers that make you stand out from the competition.
  • Choose up to 8 lines of information (approximately 43 characters each) such as
    • Toll-free numbers
    • Fax numbers
    • Hours of operation
    • Delivery service
    • Products
    • Professional qualifications
  • On FTD Florist Link share
    • FTD quality rating (a rating of 1.1 or less is excellent)
    • Percentage of delivery confirmations submitted on-time (by 5:30pm same day)
    • Number of members that mark your shop as "first choice" in Mercury Technology

Additional Listings
  • Drive more orders into your shop by expanding your delivery area with Also-Served-By listings.
  • Submit a list of additional cities/towns that you would like to service and we will update them for you.
  • There is no limit to the number of additional towns that you may service provided the town/city selected is listed in as deliverable.

List Ads
  • Increase shop exposure with highly-visible ads that appear before the listings in each town, grabbing the attention of sending florists.
  • Prominently display toll-free numbers, design awards or certifications, towns or facilities you deliver to and any product or service specializations.

Display Ads
  • Maximize shop exposure with full and half-page ads located at the front of the appropriate town in the Directory, highlighting all the important selling features your shop has to offer.
  • Include your shop logo, highlight specialty products, list all delivery locations and more.

Zip Code Listings
  • Reviewing a delivery coverage area can help optimize the specific ZIP codes which you deliver to. It may also help reduce delivery costs and prevent receiving orders for areas within a city you don’t want to fill.
  • An Additional Listing is required to have a ZIP code listing for a specific city.
  • ZIP code listings will include the shop’s same day cut-off time only.

FTD Directory Advertising Order Form

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