Delivery Policy & Charges

Delivery Policy

  • The filling florist is responsible for all third party deliveries.
  • Please communicate any delivery problems to immediately.
  • If receives any customer service communication from you through an ASK, FORWARD, REJECT, etc. stating that the shop is unable to fill the order, reserves the right to remove you from that zip code or remove a product codification.
  • Florists may not make an additional charge for “re-delivery”, unless the original delivery information was given to you incorrectly by
  • All orders requesting same day delivery must be delivered that day.
  • Please deliver to your delivery areas provided to FTD at all times.

Delivery Charges
A delivery charge is included in the total price of the order. If you have a higher delivery charge, but can still fill the order to the recipe in the Designer’s Workbook for the amount given, please feel free to subtract the higher delivery fee. If you cannot fill the order per the recipe with your delivery fee, you must reject the order.

Should your delivery charge be less, the filling florist will be expected to build the remaining dollars into the value of the arrangement.