Fulfilling Florist Requirements

FTD works hard to make it convenient to fulfill FTD.com orders. We also want to ensure consumers are satisfied and receive exactly what they see on FTD.com. Our network of quality-driven FTD Florists, with over 100 years of experience delivering for holidays and other occasions, continue to help build consumers' trust in the FTD brand.

Please make sure your shop complies with the following requirements to ensure high quality within the floral industry:

  • Florists have the option of choosing a same day delivery cutoff time per zip code listed. The cutoff times available are as follows: 11:00 am, 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm Same day orders received by the florist's cutoff time must be delivered the same day (including holidays) if requested by the customer.
  • Uphold the FTD Satisfaction Guarantee, including product replacements or refunds when deemed necessary.
  • Use the current FTD Floral Selections Guide and Designer's Workbook, along with any new product recipes located on FTDi.com.
  • Communicate any changes to your delivery area by sending a GEN message to Directory Services at 90-0258AA. Please include the city, state and zip code in the GEN message.
  • Fulfillment of FTDi.com orders will be based on florist's performance and adherence to the program requirements and FTD Membership Rules. Florists not wishing to fill FTD.com orders should notify FTD.com by sending a GEN message to 90-0258AA requesting to "opt out" of the program.
  • Substitution requests must be communicated to FTD.com immediately in cases of major substitutions.
  • Payments will appear on the following month's Clearinghouse Statement.
  • Pricing is established by utilizing FTD's Suggested Retail Price, then adding additional money for delivery.
  • FTD.com orders may not be forwarded. If you receive an order from FTD.com that you cannot fill, simply reject the order. Orders sent to florists with branch locations may forward orders to their branch shops only.