Billboard Advertisements

Billboard advertising allows you to connect with potential customers in seconds. The oversized, eye-catching ads make an instant impact on the subconscious of pedestrians, drivers, passengers and anyone who passes by, targeting a large and diverse group of consumers. Utilize customizable billboard ads from FTD to promote your local shop alongside the iconic FTD Mercury Man to drive local business.

Since billboard advertisements are oversized, FTD will need the following information in order to customize the billboard just for you:

FTD Member Number
Shop Name
Contact Name
Phone Number
Email Address
State / Province
Zip / Postal Code
Billboard Type
(select one)



Billboard Size
Print Deadline
(please allow a minimum of three weeks to receive your customized artwork)


If you would like your logo included in your billboard advertisement, please email it to and include your member number and "Billboard Artwork Request" in the subject line.