How To Print Enclosure Cards

Download the installation file for your enclosure card.

FTD Luxe Collection Enclosure Card Installation Instructions
To enable FTD Luxe Collection enclosure card printing, you must install the files on your FTD Mercury Server and each client PC in your shop. Additionally, you must have the May 2009 FTD Directory or later installed on your FTD Mercury Server and client PCs.

The installation procedure for the server and client PCs is the same, but install the files on your FTD Mercury Server first by clicking on the button above. Once you install, the FTD Luxe Collection enclosure card is available as a form on your FTD Mercury system. Additionally, the card is added in the Default Form Printing screen in Mercury Administration, with all values set to 0 for order types.

The installation is very quick; it usually takes less than a minute per computer.

To install the FTD Luxe Collection enclosure cards on your FTD Mercury Server and client PCs:

  1. On the computer, close FTD Mercury if it is running.
  2. Click on the button at the top of the page called Luxury Cards Installation Files
  3. Save the zip files to your desktop
  4. Double-click LuxInstall.exe to begin the installation
  5. When you receive a message asking if you want to install the report for the Luxury Collection, click Yes.
  6. When you receive the message that the installation was successful, click OK.
  7. Open FTD Mercury and log in using your user name and password.
  8. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, click the Tools menu and then click Printer Form Settings (in FTD Mercury 8.x, this command is under the File menu). The Printer Form Settings window opens.
  9. In the Luxury Collection row, from the Printer Selection list, select the printer you will use for the Luxury Collection cards. From the Tray list, select Form Source. click Save.

Repeat this procedure on all client PCs in your shop.

Printing an FTD Luxe Collection Card
When you receive an order for an FTD Luxe Collection product in FTD Mercury, you will need to print an additional card on the FTD Luxe Collection card stock.

To print a card for an FTD Luxe Collection product:

  1. Complete the order as you normally would in Order Entry or Point of Sale. The normal invoice, worksheet, and/or trifold card will print on their designated printers, depending on Mercury Administration settings.
  2. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, click the Ticket Search button. The
    Ticket Search
    window opens.
  3. Perform a Ticket Search to locate the order for which you are printing a Luxury Collection card and double-click the order from the results list. The order opens in Order Entry.
  4. Confirm this is the order for which you are printing the Luxury Collection card.

    Note: Although the card message font displayed in Order Entry may be
    different, FTD Luxury Collection cards will automatically use Arial as the font.

  5. Click Printer. The Output Options window opens.
  6. In the Print Output area, select Luxury Collection as the form type. The printer and tray are automatically selected based on the configuration made in the Printer Form Settings window during installation.
  7. Ensure the Luxury Card Collection card stock is loaded in the letter tray for the designated printer.
  8. Click Execute. The card is printed on the Luxury Card Collection card stock.
  9. When you return to the Order Entry window, click Escape to exit the order.

After the stationery prints, separate it using the perforations. You will have three pieces - a message card, care instructions and a delivery slip. Please fold the message card and place it along with the care instructions and flower food packet into the organza bag. The organza bag should then be secured gently over one of the flower heads. Place the delivery slip portion of the stationery into the gold FTD pick for placement within the bouquet.