FTD Market for You - FAQ

What is the Market for You service offering?
Market for You is a new, innovative program offered by FTD, where you can benefit from FTD’s experience, professionalism and results-oriented marketing campaigns to help drive local business into your shop. With registration, FTD will customize a marketing plan for you, targeting your customer base to help expand your reach and achieve sales goals.

  • Ability to drive local business with a prepared marketing campaign, including print and online media (i.e. direct mail, email and social media campaigns, etc.)
  • Improved social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest including prepared images and tweets
  • Ability to maximize website results with professional analysis of the member website
  • Much more!
What technology requirements are there to join Market for You?
All FTD Members can enroll in the Market for You program, no matter the technology platform you use. The only requirement for Market for You is that you enroll in Constant Contact® and you can provide Market for You with a current contact list of email addresses to utilize for your email campaign.
Will the FTD logo or presence be incorporated into my social media sites or marketing campaigns?
No. While all FTD Members have access to utilize the FTD brand and logo as a benefit of membership, the social media, email and post card campaigns created for Market for You users are customized specifically for each member’s shop with your brand, logo and business information. It will have a separate look and feel from all FTD marketing campaigns to differentiate your shop to your local market. All customer lists utilized from you will remain with you and will not be utilized by FTD other than for your campaign.
How much does it cost to enroll in Market for You?
The first two months of enrollment in Market for You is FREE. After the second month, your FTD Clearinghouse Statement will be charged a monthly fee of $99.00*. If you opt for additional email campaigns, an additional fee of $39.99 per month will also be charged. If you are interested in additional postcard campaigns, a flat fee of $199.99 per campaign will be charged to your statement.

* Pricing does not include the monthly fee for Constant Contact®.
What is the contract commitment for the Market for You program?
There is a six month contract commitment for the Market for You program, which will be conveniently billed to your FTD Clearinghouse Statement. The contract commitment is in place because it takes approximately six to nine months before you will recognize significant results from your marketing efforts. If you want to cancel prior to the six month commitment, you will pay a penalty fee for the remaining balance of the months left on the contract. You are also solely responsible for the Constant Contact® expense required to execute the email campaigns.
What is the process once I sign the contract for Market for You?
Once you enroll in Market for You, you will be contacted within seven business days by one of FTD’s project managers to set up an appointment at your convenience to create your social media sites and email campaigns. Prior to our initial call, it is recommended that you sign up for a Constant Contact® account, if you do not have one already, in order to maximize the benefit and your time during the start-up call. The Constant Contact® account is not a part of the Market for You program, but is required in order to execute the email campaigns.
What is Constant Contact®?
Constant Contact® is an online email marketing service that allows businesses to stay connected to their customers. This service can send thousands of emails at one time and maintain status reports. While most businesses send out email campaigns, when sending to more than 100 contacts, it can be difficult to reliably send to all customers at once. Constant Contact helps ensure that mass emails are delivered to the recipients and keeps your domain/URL (i.e. www.FTDMemberWebsite.com) from being reported as spam or blacklisted.
How much does Constant Contact cost®?
Constant Contact® offers an affordable email marketing solution for small businesses. While FTD does not have any influence on the pricing structure, Constant Contact® campaign pricing is based on the number of contacts receiving your email campaign. At this time, Constant Contact® pricing*, as listed on their website, is as follows:

  • 500 or less - $15/month
  • 501-2500- $30/month
  • 2501-5000- $50/month
  • 5001-10000- $75/month
  • more than 10,000 contact must call constant contact for quote

*Pricing is subject to change by Constant Contact without notice to FTD. Each florist is responsible for the expense of their Constant Contact® account.
Who do I contact if I need support with my email campaign manager or social media platform?
If you need assistance with regard to the marketing campaign that Market for You has created on your behalf, please contact Market for You at MarketForYou@FTDi.com.

If you need assistance with regard to the email or social media platform, such as technology support or site usage tools, please contact the service provider directly.

Constant Contact®
866.289.2101 or ConstantContact.com/support/



Can I separate my post card campaign to send out one mailing of 250 post cards at one time of year and a second mailing of 250 post cards at a second time of the same year?
No. The contract for Market for You includes one post card campaign mailing for up to 500 post cards per member on a specific date selected for all members participating in the program. If you would like a second mailing of up to 500 post cards, there is an additional fee of $199.99. The second mailing will also be based on a mass mailing date selected for all florists who would like to participate.
How can I best leverage Twitter, Facebook and/or Pinterest in my social media strategy?
FTD Market for You will help educate you once you are enrolled on how to best utilize Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to benefit your shop, however the following tips can be helpful:

Twitter can be best utilized to follow and track FTD, wholesalers, SAF, state flower associations and competitors to be aware of market trends and industry standards. It is also valuable to follow community networks and associations to send out tweets on promotions and drive traffic into your store.

Facebook is the second most popular website on the internet so it is the best vehicle for brand awareness and connecting with your customers. The best way to drive traffic to your Facebook site is through your posting and having a call to action on any materials promoting your Facebook page.

Pinterest is best with engaging and understanding your target market through pinning analytics. The Pinterest board is the best place to display your floral masterpieces and give advice in the floral market.
How can I measure the success of my social media and email presence?
To maximize the value of Market for You, it is important that you create a promotion to engage customers and drive additional traffic to your shop. You should also create a referral code in your Mercury Connect and/or POS system that will track which promotions and media are most successful with your customers.