United States Flag Etiquette

Out of respect for the U.S. Flag and the men and women who have bravely served to protect the U.S. Flag, please observe the following:


  • Display it with the union down, except as a signal of distress.
  • Let the flag touch anything beneath it: ground, floor, water, merchandise.
  • Carry it horizontally, but always aloft.
  • Fasten, staple or display it in a way that will permit it to be damaged or soiled.
  • Place anything on the flag, including letters, insignia, or designs of any kind.
  • Use it for holding anything.
  • Use the flag for advertising or promotion purposes or print it on paper napkins, boxes or anything else intended for temporary use and discard.
  • The flag may cover a casket, but should not cover a statue or monument for unveiling. On a casket, the union (blue field) should be at the deceased person's head and heart, over the left shoulder.