Partner Discount Program

As the cost of doing business increases daily, FTD continually searches for better ways to build profitability for all FTD members. The FTD Partner Discount Program allows you to take advantage of incredible vendor discounts and opportunities pre-negotiated by FTD.

Through the FTD Partner Discount Program, you have FREE access to many of FTD's preferred vendors. You can save on many products and services that you use every day to run your business like office supplies, internet service, email marketing, shipping and much more.

We are continuously looking to increase the value and services that are offered to you through the FTD Partner Discount Program, so check back often for new ways to save!

As always, FTD prides itself in being a business partner to help you achieve success. We will continue to push forward with exciting new programs and services that will positively impact your business.

If you have any questions or suggestions for new FTD Partner Programs, send us an email at