Quality Star Program - FAQ

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Program Basics

What data is used to calculate the quality rating?
The quality rating is calculated using the formula shown below. The rating must be less than or equal to 1.1% during the FTD Directory cycle in order to receive an FTD Quality Star. In addition, only member florists that fill a minimum of 100 incoming orders or more in the four month period are eligible to receive the FTD Quality Star.

1Delayed Response Program (DRP) Dollar Value will include the dollar value of orders rejected beyond two (2) hours, according to the FTD Delayed Response Program rules. Dollar value of orders rejected after the delivery date, according to the FTD Delayed Response Program rules.

What types of orders are reflected in the quality rating?
The rating encompasses all incoming orders received by U.S. and Canadian shops using the FTD Mercury Network regardless of their origin.
I fill so many orders, many more than most shops, and I think it is unfair for FTD to expect me to get to such a low dollar value of rejects and refunds.
It is important to retain your existing customer base. We all know it is hard to gain a customer back if they are disappointed. We need to treat every order as a #1 priority. There are many large florists that have zero rejects and refunds over a yearlong period. We will continue to showcase these florists' “best practices” within the FTD Mercury Messenger, FTD University, trade shows, etc… so that you can make enhancements to your processes.
I do not receive 25 orders per month because I am in a small town or I do not want them. Why penalize me by not awarding my shop with an FTD Quality Star?
Unfortunately, a threshold was required to base the rating on an objective mathematical equation to create an accurate data set. As an FTD Florist, we want to help you receive more FTD orders. We encourage you to take a look at the many different marketing tools available to advertise and promote your business to sending florists. Other ways to get more orders is to codify for FTD Everyday and Holiday Branded Products.
With regard to orders refunded to the customer, why does FTD.com typically believe the customer instead of the FTD Florist?
When you have an order dispute situation, FTD.com makes sure to review the past history of the customer to identify if the customer repeatedly asks for refunds. We also review order history to note customers that have never asked for a refund, so when we receive a complaint from a loyal customer who has never complained, we tend to side with the consumer.
Will a "Send Only" shop qualify for an FTD Quality Star?
No, a "Send Only" shop is not eligible for an FTD Quality Star.