Frequently Asked Questions

What is WebGifts?
FTD WebGifts is an inventory-free, consumer direct service offering a collection of both floral and non-floral gift and gourmet items for you to sell in your shop or on your website. No inventory and no risk.
Where can I find photos and information about the program?
You can download product images, descriptions and pricing information including SRPs when you visit
How will the products be shipped?
Shipments will be sent via Federal Express or UPS. We do not guarantee specific time requests for deliveries. All carriers will deliver during regular business hours.
How will an FTD WebGifts order show up on my Clearinghouse Statement?
Your order will show up as a florist-to-florist order in Section B (noted as a WebGifts order).
What do I do when the order comes to my shop?
After you have received the order and payment has cleared, send the order through your Mercury system to WebGifts at 90-0233AA and make sure the WebGifts item number is the only text inside the "First Choice" field.
Who can I contact about WebGifts?
You can contact WebGifts customer service at 800.788.9000, email or send a GEN-Message to 90-0233AA.
If I have FTD WebGifts on my FOL site, how will I know when I receive an order?
After a WebGifts sale is completed on your FOL site, a message will direct you to send the order to 90-0233AA.
Can I charge more for FTD WebGifts products?
Yes, you can charge as much as your market dictates. For example, if an item's SRP + delivery is $80, and it is sold on your site for $100, you need to send the order to 90-0233AA for $80 + delivery (the difference is additional margin for your shop).
Will WebGifts carry the same products as FTD.COM?
Yes, you will have access to sell many of the same gift products that currently offers.
How is the delivery price established?
The delivery price is based on the suggested retail of the product and the cubic feet of the shipping box.