Join WebGifts

Participation in the FTD WebGifts® Program is as easy as 1,2,3! Follow these three simple steps and be on your way to a risk-free opportunity to grow your business.

  1. Enroll and add FTD WebGifts products to your website
    • Contact WebGifts at
    • If you have an FTD Florists Online (FOL) site, we will coordinate with FOL to have WebGifts added directly to your website.
    • If you host your own website, we will send you a Microsoft Excel file of images and Suggested Retail Prices (SRP's) for you to add.

  2. Promote that you are in the premium gifts business
    • Feature the approved WebGifts product images in your print and online advertising plans.
    • Promote your premium gift and gourmet business in-store and on your website.

  3. Send your orders to 90-0233AA for fulfillment and the vendor will ship the product directly to the recipient on your behalf with your shop’s information.
    • All orders received in a given month will appear on your FTD Clearinghouse Statement.
    • Earn 20% commission (normal sending commission) plus rebates on every order.
    • Each sent order counts toward your monthly FTD sending quota.