Order Processing

Send FTD WebGifts orders from your shop just as you would any outgoing florist-to-florist order. When you receive an order, first clear payment and then forward the order to WebGifts using 90-0233AA as the Filling Florist code.

Ensure your order is processed efficiently by following a few simple instructions:

  1. WebGifts item numbers must begin with a "." (period) so you will need to manually add this "." (period) if it is not already there. You must also include a shipment extension after the product number: "-G" for ground, "-2" for second day, "-N" for next day or "-S" for Saturday*.

    Example: “WGH057” needs to be changed to one of the below, based on shipment type:

    .WGH057-G = ground shipment (5-7 days)
    .WGH057-2 = second day
    .WGH057-N = next day delivery method
    .WGH057-S = Saturday delivery method

    *Saturday delivery only available in some areas.

  2. Make sure the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) of the product includes the shipping and handling charges. For example, product price of $52.99 + $14.99 delivery = $67.98 SRP.

  3. Make sure the card message does not exceed 220 characters.

  4. Prior to sending the order, verify that the recipient address is valid on white pages or USPS.com. When entering in the city, state and zip code, please make sure to put a space between each.

    Example: City, (Space) State (Space) Zip Code and for the state please only enter the abbreviation such as Illinois (IL).

  5. Verify that the price you send through the Mercury system includes both the SRP and delivery charge. If you charge a service fee on your FOL site, please make sure that you do not deduct this fee from the total SRP and Delivery charge minimum we request.

  6. Our deadline for receiving orders is 12pm CST. Any orders received after that time may not make the customer’s requested delivery date.

Once your order is received, we will send a confirmation through Mercury that we received your order and another message with the carrier and tracking information.

FTD WebGifts vendors ship the product directly to the gift recipient on your behalf!