What Florists Are Saying...

We are very happy with our florist-to-florist order volume and have seen a significant increase by using various directory advertising products. We have purchased ads, special listings and have been participating in the Featured Florist Program. By utilizing these advertising products we have grown our florist-to-florist business and are very profitable.

 Catherine B. | Cahterine's Floral, Queen Creek, AZ

With strategic ad placement, we dramatically improved our position in the FTD online and print directories. The results have been terrific. My FTD Member orders have increased 53% over last year. We’re delivering more orders to the areas we want to deliver to!

 Sima Y. | Exotica Flowers, Folsom CA

We have been participating in the [FTD] Featured Florist program and we are very happy with how it has helped grow our business! In addition to that, we are very happy with the ads that we have placed that have also helped us grow our business!

 David Brown | Detroit Floral.com, Detroit, MI

The ads and [FTD] Featured Florist program have been working for us and have helped increase our florist-to-florist orders.

 Elton Soriano | The Flower Factory Inc., Tarzana, CA

Not only was [FTD's] marketing team able to help us tell the world of our superior talent, the results can be seen where they matter most – our bottom line.

 Joseph & Rubia Galui | Watertown Main Street Florist, Watertown, MA