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Each month, FTD members receive exclusive offers and discounts on a variety of products. Check out the latest FTD Marketplace catalogs and promotions that can help you save money.

Current Catalogs & Promotions are enclosed in the FTD Clearinghouse Statement. Click on the images below to view the full version in PDF format.

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2018 Fall/Winter
Buyer's Guide
2018 Spring/Summer
Buyer's Guide
2018 One Stop Shop
2018 April/May Catalog Willow Tree® MPS, formerly John Henry
Retail Catalog
2018 March Catalog 2018 FTD Prom Catalog Teters Catalog



2018 Education Calendar FTD Apparel Vance Kitira Candles
2019 FTD Calendars Hallmark Flowers
Licensing Fee
Better Homes and Gardens Licensing Fee


Order Forms

2018 Spring/Summer Codified Product Order Form 2018 Spring/Summer Combo Packs 2018 Spring/Summer Mini Combo Packs
Everyday Codified
Product Order Form
Everyday Codified
Combo Packs
Everyday Codified
Mini Combo Packs
Designer's Workshop Collection 2018 Standing Orders
Clear Glass
FTD Luxury Order Form



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