Mercury Direct Plus

Mercury Direct Plus is an intuitive software solution connecting FTD Member Florists to the Mercury Network using a high-speed Internet connection right from their own computers. The newly enhanced dashboard offers immediate access to Mercury Network messaging screens, help and more.

  • Customized printing options. Tri-fold enclosure cards can be printed with a shop logo and contact information.
  • Simple delivery confirmations. Enjoy a direct link to the FTD Confirm website.
  • Improved speeds. A faster processor provides more reliable messaging.
  • Never miss an order. The system automatically checks for incoming orders and prints them out. Notifications are also displayed on the dashboard when messages are received.
  • Hassle-free updates. Mercury Direct Plus software is updated automatically.
  • A personalized experience. Abbreviation codes can be customized.


Visit for step-by-step instructions to download Mercury Direct Plus for FREE, or contact FTD Technology Support at 888.309.2244 today.