Delayed Response Policy

The FTD Delayed Response Policy is a proactive approach to prevent late or non-delivery of consumer orders. As the first floral network to establish a policy that tracks successful delivery of all orders, FTD took the lead to provide assurances to the sending florist and the customer who originated the order that all efforts would be made to deliver the order as intended.

To help prevent late and non-delivered orders, the Delayed Response Policy requires a filling florist to reject an order within two hours of receiving it if you are not confident about being able to successfully fulfill or deliver the order. By rejecting the order within two hours of receiving it, another florist in the FTD network will have the opportunity to successfully fulfill it. If you do not reject an order within the two hour period, it will be assumed that you will satisfactorily fulfill and deliver the order.

As a filling florist, if you reject an order after the two hour period or do not deliver an order on the date of delivery, you will be held financially responsible. A charge will be placed on the current months FTD Clearinghouse Statement and that amount will be credited to the sending florist to take care of their customer who originally placed the late or non-delivered order.

Questions? Contact FTD Member Services at 800.788.9000 or email FTD Quality at for additional information.