Delivery Confirmation Policy


The goal of the FTD Delivery Confirmation Policy is to achieve 100% same-day delivery confirmation notification. In today's technological environment, many consumers expect real-time notification when an order they placed has been delivered. Once a confirmation is sent by a member florist for an order, the customer automatically receives an email letting them know their order was delivered.

To help achieve our goal of 100% delivery confirmation, FTD offers a variety of technology tools to make it quick and easy to submit a delivery confirmation.

All FTD orders should receive a delivery confirmation by 5:30pm (local time) on the same day of delivery, after the customer receives the delivery.

As of March 1, 2018, any order not delivery confirmed by 5:30pm (local time), a $2.25 fee per order will be processed on the FTD Clearinghouse Statement.

The FTD Delivery Confirmation Policy is inclusive of florist-to-florist, and International orders. Sending a delivery confirmation is no longer an option to consider, it is a step in the fulfillment process that today's customer expects. Meeting your customer's expectations will provide you a competitive advantage in satisfying them while supporting your fellow sending florists.

FTD continues to recognize how quality and process improvement will define the floral industry by seeking out new ways to improve the customer experience and retain their business with FTD and FTD Florists. Delivery confirmation is just one more way to improve quality while positively enhancing a customer's experience.

Questions? Contact FTD Member Services at 800.788.9000 or email FTD Quality at for additional information.