Social Media Banners

Having a presence on social media is key in promoting your shop. Whether you are communicating events and specials, or simply trying to engage your customers, social media can be extremely helpful in reaching a large customer base quickly.

Save time and promote your shop easily with pre-made social media banners for everyday occasions, wedding and sympathy.

Simply download each banner to your computer and post them on various occasions as if you were posting a photo on your Facebook page or another social media outlet. For example, August is the biggest birthday month, a great time to post an everyday birthday banner.

To download the banners, right click the links below and select "Save Link As". You can then save the image to a convenient location on your computer for easy posting to social media.

Facebook Cover Photos

Birthday Exclusives
Birthday Sentiments
Everyday Exclusives
Everyday Sentiments
New Baby
Spring Exclusives
Spring Sentiments

Facebook Posts
Spring/Summer 2017

Spring Exclusives
Spring Sentiments
FTD Touch of Spring Bouquet (S1)
FTD Spring Tulip Bouquet by BHG (S2)
FTD Sunflower Sweetness Bouquet (S3)
FTD Make Today Shine Bouquet (S4)
FTD Make Today Shine Rose Bouquet (S4R)
FTD Happy Spring Bouquet (M1)
FTD Happy Spring Mixed Rose Bouquet (M1R)
FTD Spring Garden Bouquet (M2)
FTD So Very Loved Bouquet by Hallmark (M3)
FTD Spring Skies Bouquet (M4)
FTD Sweet Devotion Bouquet by BHG (M5)
FTD Be Blessed Bouquet (M6)
FTD Perfect Day Bouquet (M7)
FTD Sunlit Meadows Bouquet by BHG (M8)
FTD Orchid Bouquet by Vera Wang (M9)

New Baby
Everyday Sentiments
Everyday Sentiments 2
Everyday Sentiments 3
Everyday Sentiments 4
Everyday Sentiments 5
Color Confection 1
Color Confection 2
Expressions Collection 1
Expressions Collection 2
Color Your Day 1
Color Your Day 2
Birthday Exclusives
Birthday Sentiments
Hallmark Birthday
Hallmark Birthday 2
Birthday Wishes

Vera Wang
Stylish Stargazer (V25)
Traditions (V26)
Primrose Garden (V27)

Faithful Blessings
Eternal Light
Comfort Planter
Broken Heart
Exquisite Tribute
Treasured Memories
Precious Peace

Stunning Peach/Pink
Engaging Purples
Passionate Reds
Alluring Autumn