Valentine's Day 2020

Valentine's Day Flower List

Valentine's Day is forecasted to deliver 50% more orders to florists compared to last year during the week of February 10 due to our marketing plans for and the shifting of orders to high value florist-delivered orders. Keeping this growth in mind, it is critical you purchase the containers and fresh flowers you need to this projection to deliver an exceptional customer experience.  

The Valentine's Day assortment of best sellers features a streamlined list of flowers which is 35% less than last year to help you simplify your purchasing and production. FTD Flower Exchange is offering competitive pricing on the bulk flowers you need most for Valentine’s Day! Reach out to your FTD Flower Exchange rep at 800.767.4000 today for pricing and shipping options. View the flower list below:


Hot Pink Roses
Lavender Roses
Pink Roses
Red Roses (50CM & 60CM)
Peach Spray Roses
Red Spray Roses

Hot Pink Alstroemeria
Lavender Alstroemeria
Pink Alstroemeria

Pale Pink LA lilies
Pink LA lilies

Hot Pink Standard Carnations
Red Standard Carnations
White Standard Carnations
Pale Pink Standard Carnations
Red Mini Carnations
Hot Pink Mini Carnations

Purple Double Lisianthus
Purple Statice
Pale Pink Stock
Green Button Pompons

Israeli Ruscus
Variegated Pittosporum

Rose Color
by Item:

Red: Freedom
V1M, V1R, V4M, V5M, V5R, V6R

Hot Pink: Pink Floyd
V1, V1M, V2, V3, V4M, V5, V5M

Pink: Nena
V1M, V4M, V5M

Lavender: Cool Water