Valentine's Day 2018

Social Media Marketing Posts

Social media can be an extremely helpful and cost-effective way to promote your business. Update your social media tools regularly prior to, during and after Valentine's Day to keep your customers engaged and coming back for more information. You can use the following posts as a guideline - feel free to personalize them to work for your shop.


Image(s): Show a meme of Cupid, a selection of flowers and gifts that you sell in your shop or a selection of images available below.
Cupid is sharpening his arrows for love's biggest day. What would make your Valentine's Day perfect?

Image(s): Show a photo of your design team greening containers, stocking Valentine's Day containers, processing flowers, etc.
Our team is prepping for the Valentine's Day rush! Have you ordered flowers for your sweetheart?

Image(s): Show a selection of images of your own bouquets and gifts or use any of the images provided below.
Not sure what to get that special someone this Valentine's Day? Check out our vast selection of flowers and gifts. We have something for everyone!

Image(s): Show V1 provided below.
Celebrate romance that's here to stay this Valentine's Day with a bouquet that radiates love in passionate shades of pink and red. Call [SHOP FACEBOOK NAME] at [PHONE NUMBER] or visit www.[SHOPWEBSITE].com to order the FTD Lasting Romance Bouquet as well as many other exquisite arrangements.

Image(s): Show a selection of images of some of the bouquets you have been creating for the holiday, or use any of the images provided below.
We can't wait to start stocking the cooler with the exquisite Valentine's Day arrangements our designers have been working on around the clock. Preview them now!

Image(s): Show a stock image of one of your favorite things (i.e. bouquet of red roses).
Sending flowers, a romantic night out or a quiet night at home. These are just a few of our favorite ways to celebrate Valentine's Day. What are your plans?

Image(s): Show V4 provided below.
To us, no flower symbolizes Valentine's Day like the exquisite rose. What is your favorite Valentine's Day flower?

Image(s): Show a selection of bouquets and/or gifts from your shop.
Romantic gestures will be sent around the world this February 14. Can't be with a loved one on Valentine's Day? We send flowers and gifts worldwide. Check out our selection at www.[SHOPWEBSITE].com.

Image(s): Show a selection of bouquets or any of the images provided below.
Valentine's Day is only a week away! We're delighted that Cupid has struck so many of our customers and can't wait to see all the happy faces when these floral beauties are delivered to them from their loved ones. Still have someone to buy for? Give us a call at [PHONE NUMBER].

Image(s): Show an image of an item you are giving away. [Answer: Venus]
Holiday Trivia (fill in the blank): Fill in the blank for your chance to win a Valentine's Day arrangement to send to a loved one! We will select one random correct answer this Friday.

Cupid, a symbol of Valentine's Day, became associated with the holiday because he was the son of ________, the Roman god of love and beauty.